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"Love never fails"

What Would Elvis Say?

Elvis knew his Bible well and believed the story of Jesus' death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Unlike Elvis, who was brought up on the Bible and Gospel stories, many people today have no idea of who Jesus is or what the Gospel is about. If we listen closely to the Gospel songs Elvis sang, we can get some idea of the wonder of the Gospel message. Perhaps the words of some of the songs that Elvis sang might help you to respond to the Gospel in the way that he would have wished.

You can just say about all that Gospel stuff Return to Sender because we've Got a Lot of Livin' to do. You can also say that religion is just a kind of Good Luck Charm - only a bit of superstition to make you feel better when you get All Shook Up once in a while, or regret paying the heavy price for One Night of Sin.
What Would Elvis Say?

Some, however are afraid that they're too bad and that it is too late for A Fool Such as I and that they have missed their chance of finding God. Some fear they've Lost that Lovin' Feeling for the things of God they once had, and that's that. Elvis believed that God would give us another chance. Like many of us he needed it and we believe he found it.

You may feel deep down about God, that You're Always on my Mind and when the chips are down and you're left to your thoughts, I Just Can't Help Believin'. We say that Elvis would not want you to stop there. It's Funny How Time Slips Away... we ask you Doncha Think it's Time? to Reconsider Baby. Are You Lonesome Tonight? Is there an emptiness in your heart? If you feel stirred and moved and would really like to know the Lord for real, perhaps for you It's now or Never.

When you think of Jesus dying on the cross you may not understand all about it, but If that Isn't Love, nothing is. Many before you have said Where could I go but to The Lord? Elvis' songs show how easy it can be to begin that relationship with Jesus, even a simple prayer sincerely said is how you can Put Your Hand in the Hand (of the Man from Galilee). All we can say is that when anyone is willing to Reach Out to Jesus they will know in their heart He Touched Me, and then they will want to sing for all to hear How Great Thou Art.

Only Believe and there will be everlasting Life and Peace in the Valley for you.

Perhaps you would like to pray the prayer that Elvis prayed a few hours before he died. "Dear Lord, please show me a way. I am tired and confused and I need your help." Elvis prayed this prayer in the presence of his stepbrother, Rick Stanley. Elvis also said to Rick a few moments later "Rick, we should all begin to live for Christ." Perhaps when Elvis said this, he had in mind the Bible passage from 2 Corinthians 5 verse 15: "and he (Christ) died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themsleves, but for him (Christ) who died for them and was raised again."

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