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Elvis Gospel

Elvis Presley was born and raised in the 'Bible Belt' of USA. He read his Bible and prayed regularly and was very knowledgeable about spiritual matters. Elvis was eager to share his knowledge and in the mid sixties he held Bible studies at his home in Bel Air, California, where he lived while making films. In the seventies he started to include more Gospel songs in his concerts and had the Gospel groups, the Imperials, the Sweet Inspirations and later, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps as his backing singers. He was also known to read passages from the Bible on stage during his concerts and insisted that the audience be reverently quiet while J.D. and the Stamps sang 'Sweet, Sweet Spirit'. Elvis did not like being called the King. When fans used to shout out from the audience "Elvis you're the King". He would reply, "No honey, there is only one King and that is Jesus Christ".

The best known Gospel song he sang is most probably 'How Great Thou Art'. During concert performances of this song, he would sometimes personalise the song by singing 'my God how great I think You are'.
We at Elvis Gospel, believe that Elvis was called by God to be an evangelist, but that he did not fulfil his destiny on earth. For various reasons he was unable to break free from the trap in which he was caught. He was in pain and struggling and we believe that the Lord took him out of his misery and that he is in heaven right now, singing his songs for Jesus. During his time on earth, Elvis took his fans to the edge of and in sight of the “Promised Land”. We believe that God wants to continue the work he started in Elvis, and that Elvis fans should have the opportunity to hear and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which Elvis, although he strayed from, he never forsook during his lifetime. Elvis believed in and meant the words of the songs he sang. It is certain that if he were still with us, he would encourage us not only to listen to, but also to act upon the words of the Gospel songs he sang. Especially, in these days of such troubled times he would urge us to "reach out to Jesus".

AIMS of Elvis Gospel:
Our aims are to help anyone who would like to know more about this Gospel of Jesus Christ, which was a great encouragement and challenge to Elvis. We do this in several ways.

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